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RealTimeCosting™ - A LandCoast Service

Scaffolding - RealTimeCosting The web-accessible Real Time Costing cost management system allows owner, general contractor, and all its subcontractors that require scaffolding services, to manage and review all facets of the scaffolding subcontract on a real-time basis.

Project Management personnel are able to log in and review costs either on-site or remotely, check the status of current and pending work orders, oversee inventory control, review scaffold usage per contractor, track labor costs, and manage all invoicing activities at any given moment of the project. This management tool provides the owner and contractors project controls and improves the overall efficiency and management of the scaffolding contract.

scaffolding management system - detailed reporting The detailed reports contained in Real Time Costing have helped the owners and contractors manage its scaffolding subcontract by cutting costs, eliminating guesswork and oversight, and remaining under budget by improving the overall subcontract management. The Real Time Costing up-to-the-minute data includes Filters and Indices that allow the user to track scaffolding by Work Order Number, User ID, Job Code, Labor Costs, Invoice Data or other fully customized Job Settings. The detail and flexibility of the system is an effective management tool for all users.



Additionally, the user-friendly format and reduced amount of paperwork improve overall project flow and increase efficiency by helping everyone to make any necessary adjustments in a timely manner.

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We are an Insulation contractor, Painting Contractor, Fireproofing Contractor, Scaffolding Contractor, Tracing Contractor
Refractory Contractor. Insulation, Painting, Fireproofing, Scaffolding, Tracing.
Contracting services for plants, refineries, power plants, paper mills, chemical plants, marine facilities and other industrial services.


Insulation, Painting, Fireproofing, Scaffolding, Tracing, Refractory

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