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Safety - A LandCoast Standard






Safety First / Safety Always

Landcoast provides a safe environment for its workers and has encompassed many loss control procedures to accomplish our goal of zero incidents. In order to assure a safe environment, we have incorporated all necessary programs that satisfy OSHA requirements and keep our employees fully informed and trained to prevent incident or injury. Safety first/safety always.

It is Landcoast policy to incorporate safety success into the overall success of any project.

Some of our initiatives include:

  • Safety Training
  • Regular Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • On the job safety training
  • Compliance with work place standards
  • Daily “Tool Box” safety meetings
  • Safety Awareness programs

In order to achieve these high standards, we also have invested in electronic software data recording software by Ecologic Systems. This tool gives us the means to record, by employee, all of the safety compliance programs, and then have the ability to query certain “Key Words” to gather the employees needed for a certain project, or fulfill a project request.

We invite you to see for yourself, by allowing LandCoast to quote on your next project. We are available to answer any of your queries twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Our 2012 experience modifier rate is .73

Safety and OSHA information is available to you upon request. Contact information is available from our Information Center, or you may call our office at the number listed on our site’s various pages.







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